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Hidden door is a fashionable design for interior space. It has no handles, no door frames, and no keyholes, which often gives people the illusion of “doorless”.

Creating private space, achieving space separation, and highlighting decorative function are the three basic features of a hidden door. With our FLUTED PANEL you can have the best solution to enhance the visual effect with creativity

Here are some brilliant hidden door ideas that incorporate fluted panels:

  1. Bookshelf Secret Door: Create a hidden door within a fluted panel bookshelf. The fluted panel can be designed to match the surrounding bookshelf, seamlessly blending into the shelves. When the fluted panel is pushed or pulled, it reveals a secret room or passage behind.

  2. Wall Panel Secret Door: Install a large fluted panel as a decorative wall panel in a living room or hallway. The panel can be designed to appear as a decorative feature, but it actually conceals a hidden door. When the panel is pushed or pulled in a certain way or activated by a hidden mechanism, it opens to reveal a secret room or storage space.

  3. Mirror Secret Door: Use a fluted panel as a concealed door within a large mirror. The fluted panel can be integrated into the mirror frame or placed behind it. When the mirror is pushed or tilted, it reveals the hidden entrance.

  4. Cabinet Secret Door: Incorporate a fluted panel as the door of a built-in cabinet or armoire. The fluted panel can blend with the surrounding cabinetry, making it indistinguishable from the rest of the furniture. When the panel is pressed or a hidden latch is activated, it opens to expose a hidden room or storage area.

  5. Fireplace Secret Door: Create a fluted panel that appears as part of a decorative fireplace surround. The panel can be designed to match the rest of the fireplace, and when it is manipulated in a particular way or activated by a hidden mechanism, it swings open to reveal a hidden room or safe.

  6. Panalized Wall Secret Door: Construct an entire wall with fluted panels that can be opened to reveal a secret room or passage. The fluted panels can be disguised as part of the wall's architectural design, such as a decorative paneling pattern. When the panels are pushed or triggered, they slide or swing open, granting access to the hidden space.



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